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The Antlers - Wake


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Wake - The Antlers
It was easier to lock the doors and kill the phones
Than to show my skin, because the hardest thing
Is never to repent for someone else, it’s letting people in

My Mom

  • Me: So, let me tell you about my tattoo ideas...
  • Mom: Oh dear.
  • Me: I thought you were a cool mom?! Need you to be positive... Because if you're not going to be on board, then I'm not going to tell you. It's not like I need your permission.
  • Mom: I can be on board and not like where the ship's going!
  • Me: Why in the world would you get on a ship and not like the destination? Nah, don't get on board! This isn't the poop ship!
  • Mom: TELL ME!
  • Me: Nope.
  • Mom: If you don't tell me, I'll tell you Inspector Morse's first name!
  • Me: WHAT?!